On the map

The map shows the locations of stations and stops, disruptions, travel routes and the position of passenger trains.
The train location is displayed based on comprehensive and integrated data sources about the train route.

Displaying the position of trains on the map is limited to the area of one voivodeship. Change is possible after selecting the desired voivodeship from the drop-down list available above the map window.

The user can display more information about the objects (stations, bus stops, disruptions, train) by pointing the cursor on the selected element.
By clicking on the selected train icon, the system will display its entire travel route. More information about the connection is available after invoking the "Manage" side panel.

Refresh the map - available from the "Manage" panel under the table.
Refresh the route – enables refreshing the train route.
Indicate the train - centers the map on the selected connection.

Show disruptions - presents the current replacement service (blue) or planned actions related to infrastructure that may affect the train delay (red)

Weather - presents warnings about adverse weather conditions that may affect the movement of trains

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